M.P.Ed Distance Education Colleges in India

Master of Physical Education M. P. Ed is a postgraduate course in the discipline of physical education. It is the discipline which is concerned with sports activities and equips the students with a range of practical skills applicable in officiating Athletics sports.

The duration of this course is 2 years which are generally divided into four semesters.

For eligibility purposes, a candidate should have an under graduate degree in Physical Education with a minimum recommended score of 50% from any recognized university or equivalent.


What is Master of Physical Education M. P. Ed  ?

Physical education is a discipline which acquaints the students with sports psychology, research methodology, sports medicines computer application in physical education and exercise psychology.  It is a course which helps the students to closely understand physical activities related to sports. It teaches the students to improve techniques and approach applied to fitness in sports and in other areas.

Being a postgraduate physical education course, the objective of this course is to produce proficient physical education graduates. It is done by this course through enhancing the abilities and skills of students for application of physical education theories and expertise in the real life problems faced by athletes. It prepares the students for solving problems in fields like training, fitness, teaching, consultation and therapy.

Who should opt For Master of Physical Education M. P. Ed ?

This course is meant for the students who are looking for a career in physical education. A knack for problem solving is exactly what this course looks for in a candidate. Anyone who has patience, perseverance and sporting spirit can opt for this course. The candidates who excel in sports related activities should apply for this course. Students having a good fitness and sporting ability are a natural fit for this course.